Process of Importing American Muscle Car to Australia Made Hassle-free

It’s well known that Australians love collectable, classic and muscle American cars and this fact is beyond doubt.

Whether it’s the elegance and charm of a particular car model, a connection with a particular time period or simply the grunt of American metal, cars from the USA continue to grab a special place in Australian hearts and minds.

The dream of having your own slice of automobile history is exciting.

When it comes to transporting car from an Australian city to another, safe options are available like car shipping Perth to Sydney from Dazmac Logistics. But what about importing a car from the USA?

Cars at Your Fingertips

With the ever-growing availability and reliability of online platforms and the simplicity in communicating distantly through any number of different devices and applications, finding and securing a car overseas has never been easier. Literally speaking, cars are now at your fingertips.

For years, Los Angeles was the hodgepodge of the classic as well as muscle car market for aspiring buyers from across the world.

Besides Australians, Europeans have been visiting LA in flocks in search of the best of what is available. Because of the demand, the stock in LA has been considerably thinned.

Luckily for classic car lovers, the USA is a great place with a commercial marketplace so remarkable in comparison to that of Australia, that it’s usually difficult to gauge how many cars may be available that were built during the glorious days of American motoring.

During last some years, a remarkable trend has been noticed toward premium automobiles being sourced on the USA’s East Coast.

American Cities that Remained Unnoticed

Areas like Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore and Chicago take pride in having quality stock that remained unnoticed for years because of the preoccupation with Los Angeles.

Today the option of shipping straight from the East as well as West Coast is also available, e.g. American muscle imports according to Dazmac Logistics.

Save a Significant Amount

Thus, shippers no longer have to pay big dollars to transport a vehicle by road across the country to LA. Neither do they need to risk damage to their precious car on long cross country trips.

So, you can save a significant amount of dollars on car transport for shipping to Australia.

Plus, the shipping companies also offer additional facilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Collection from any site – private, auction or dealer
  • Asbestos testing and parts removal
  • Condition reports
  • Tracking numbers for shipping
  • Images of all vehicles
  • No additional charges for non-running vehicles

If you are planning to buy a vehicle that is located far from the East or West Coast in the USA, you can confidently hand over the responsibility to the logistics company to streamline the process to your port of choice.

Find where the logistics company is headquartered and if the vehicle you are considering is near their headquarter, you can rest assured that it will be shipped to you safely.

But even if it’s far from their headquarter, it will be shipped to you safely.

Plus they have their local Australian specialist at your service whom you can contact for further information and a formal quote.

The specialist is happy to give you all the information and being an Australian, is knowledgeable about Australian rules and regulations.

All in all, the process of importing your beloved American muscle car to Australia can be made easy and smooth.

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