Tonal Truck Covers – 5 Tips For Choosing

Tonal truck covers add to your truck in several ways. You get more security for cargo by keeping your load out of sight of prying eyes. Your cargo is protected from weather too. Plus a tonal cover just makes any truck look more finished and sleek.You can choose from several different types of truck camper covers. Here are 5 tips for choosing one that works for you.

Tip 1: Your cargo makes the choice.

Hinged truck bed lids look great. But if you haul anything taller than the side of the bed, the lid won’t shut. Also anything that must be loaded from overhead won’t work. For example, bulk mulch loaded with a front-end loader won’t work. Neither will a lawn mower or a small tree in a pot. Consider how you will use your truck.

Tip 2: You can spend a little or a lot.

Many truck owners like vinyl roll up tonneau covers more than any other kind. They happen to be the cheapest too. A soft roll up cover is easy to use, looks good and works for any load. The most expensive retractable covers are more secure, look more expensive and are also easy to use. The difference is price is a couple thousand dollars.

Tip 3: Mounting should be easy.

Is the thing easy to mount? Most owners who install any kind of tonneau cover complain about unclear instructions. But no matter what kind of cover, it seems that the cover gets installed in about two hours which is longer than the manufacturer said it should take! I want to know whether you have to drill holes or if mounting is with glue or clamps.

Tip 4: Does it look good to you?

Do you like the looks? Hard lids often just come in black. If you want the cover to match your truck, it’ll have to be painted. Don’t leave out that cost.

Tip 5: Buy it locally or order it?

You can get a tonal cover installed at a local shop. The cover will probably not be in stock. You’ll also probably pay full retail. If you install it yourself and buy it on the internet, you’ll often save hundreds plus you’ll get to compare many models right at home.Truck tonal covers are practical plus they just make your truck look better. You can save a lot of money and get just what you want by ordering a cover on the internet. Get it in just a few days and the shipping is usually free.Puzzled about choosing a truck bed tonal cover? Need more information? Visit our site for tips to help pick truck tonal covers.

Truck Covers Discourage Theft and Offer Security!

Just because your vehicle is parked in a garage, it doesn’t mean it’s completely protected against unwanted entry, theft, or things like bicycles, toys, tools, ladders, or anything that can fall, bump or be dragged against it. In today’s struggling economy, it is especially important to look at more practical, cost effective ways to protect your investments. A top-quality, universal fit truck cover offers just that and is designed to fit any Mini, Mid, or Full size trucks! When choosing the right truck cover, consider some of your options:

Economy Covers are lightweight and are typically chosen for indoor and lite outdoor use!Premium Covers provide all season indoor and outdoor protection for your vehicle! Contains layers of fabric, lined to protect fine automotive finishes.

Waterproof Covers are ideal for high moisture climates! The SFS Rain Shield protects your vehicle from harsh elements like rain, snow, tree sap, bird droppings, and other harmful elements.UV Protective Covers provide sun-reflecting white teak material that offers maximum UV protection to reduce fading of a vehicle paint and interior.A truck cover not only provides security and protection, it enhances the look of any pickup! It’s proven to preserve your trucks body paint, protecting it from nicks, dings and scratches, it’s lightweight, breathable, and easy to store year after year! You will find it is your best defense against acid rain, snow, sun, tree sap, dust, high winds and many other harmful pollutants. It is the perfect truck accessory for anyone who loves their truck!

Undercover Truck Covers Were First

That shows that looks can be deceiving. That’s because there is no fiberglass in Undercover bed covers. See, the material in theses covers makes the difference. This is how they were first…

Fiberglass is strong and it can look really slick. Problem is though, it’s heavy and it’s bulky too. Plus, all that weight makes the lids tough to lift. Here’s where the Undercovertongues made the difference.These covers are made with modern polymer materials. Who cares? Owners do because the material makes all the difference. You get a lighter cover that’s easier to haul around. That lighter weight means better fuel mileage for one thing. Then the weight makes a cover that’s easier to rise too. There’s more too. The modern material is also less bulky, not as thick. That way, you get a low profile look that isn’t nearly as thick as a fiberglass truck lid. That means a lower racier look with a cover that’s just barely higher than the bed rails. The other thing is. The Undercover is actually as strong or stronger than the fiberglass models. So it’s lighter, less bulky and still stronger. The other plus is the finish of the cover is actually smoother than fiberglass, so it’s easy to get a mirror finish that really adds to the racy look. But the cost is still less than much other pickup bed covers.

The Undercover truck covers are made with material that has many advantages. It’s lighter, stronger, less bulky and maybe better looking than fiberglass. Plus, the cost is competitive with most hard truck covers. It’s worth a closer look if you’re looking at tilting truck lids…

Pickup Truck Covers For Just a Small Price

Pickup truck covers need not cost a big price to offer real value. Soft covers often represent real value at a very moderate price tag. Then there are some ways the soft tonneaus actually work better even though they cost so little. Soft covers offer the following advantages over some of the “better” options on tonneau covers for pickup trucks.

  1. Own One For Far Less

Not a match for looks or durability to the much more expensive cover, a soft cover for a little money still matches some more pricey models in function. In fact, some moderate price soft covers even closely match the look of the more expensive options.

  1. Mileage Improvements

Can you really improve fuel mileage up to ten percent with a tonneau cover as some manufacturers claim? Sounds high to me… But certainly soft covers weigh in at considerably less that some hard truck bed covers. Hauling around less weight in an equally aerodynamic package seems like a good deal.

  1. Any Height Cargo Fits

With a tilt tonal you are limited to hauling loads that are no higher than the sides of the bed. Not so with roll up soft covers. Simple move the cover forward to get access to the whole bed and haul whatever you want to haul plus pull gooseneck trailers too.

  1. Features Add To Usefulness

Features on covers add to usefulness. For example Access tonal covers seal with hook and loop seals rather than snaps. Then the cover tightens easily after closing to give a trampoline type fit. That means no matter what the temperature or load that hits the cover, like snow, the cover can stay tight but easy to open and close.

  1. Easy On Too

Drilling is out for most all the soft covers. Instead the side rails that mount the cover just clamp in place. Then the cover seals to the mount for a clean and weather-proof fit. Installation just means clamping the rails in place and then putting in the front and rear seals. After that, the storage straps go in and then the tension adjustment mechanisms and the pre-rolled cover. After some final adjustment, installing is completed.Pickup truck covers need not be expensive to be useful and handy to have. Soft pickup truck covers cost little but are still durable, easy to install and provide full bed access better than many more expensive models. Soft covers are worth a look for bed protection at a low to moderate price.

What I Don’t Like About Tilting Truck Covers

Tilting truck covers, often referred to as fiberglass lids, are not my favorite truck covers. Here are reasons why these are not my favorite tones.Well, there’s the matter of tall cargo. Haul virtually anything that’s taller than the bed sides and you can’t close the lid. How cool is that? You can’t even carry a lawn mower without leaving the lid up. You can’t even carry a garbage can. There’s more.

If in fact the cover is made of fiberglass, there’s the weight issue. See fiberglass is just by nature heavy. It is after all resin in glass fibers. That means it’s heavy to install, heavy to lift and heavy to haul. Heavy in tonal covers is not very good.Then there is the look issue. Tilting lids can result in one of the slickest looking truck covers going. But the thickness of the material adds up to a covers that protrude far above the bed. It’s noticeable to the point of being distracting. Looks are subjective, but I don’t like the look.Now there is a better solution if you want a tilting tonal. Undercover covers aren’t fiberglass at all and that makes all the difference. With Undercover you get modern polymer construction which results in a total weight of the cover of only 58 pounds for the whole cover.Lightweight means it is easier to haul, but also easy to take off and put back on. That means the clearance issue is much less of an issue. With tall cargo, it’s easy to just pull off the cover. It isn’t a monument you see.Tilting truck covers don’t rate very high on my list, unless you pick the lightweight version. Then some of the issues really aren’t issues anymore.

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