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A person convicted of a crime enters the criminal records of the law enforcement agencies. This makes it very difficult for him/her to find decent employment. A criminal record also makes many places out of bounds for the person. The long shadow of criminal record ruins the life of the person even after many years of conviction and arrest. Similarly, a person caught in state or federal criminal case faces conviction which ruins his/her life. Thus, an experienced attorney is essential both for representing a person accused of state or federal crimes and getting the criminal records expunged from the records of the law enforcement agencies. 

There are some reputed law firms in Orlando which are run by highly experienced attorneys. Such firms have been handling expungement and state/federal criminal defense cases for years.

How does expungement works? 

Florida Department of Law enforcement can either expunge or seal the criminal records. Expungement means that the criminal records are removed altogether from the records while sealing means that the criminal records cannot be accessed by everyone. The request for expungement should be through an attorney because there are papers to be filed and procedures to be followed, all of which are difficult for a layman. 

Orlando expungement lawyer provided by a reputed law firm will submit the expungement request of the client in an efficient manner. The attorney tries to get a hearing as soon as possible. The case is presented before the judge effectively so that the request is granted without hassles. The attorney makes a thorough study of the criminal record of the client and presents arguments in accordance with the level of severity of the offense. 

The type of criminal offense committed by the person determines the time taken to expunge the records. Records of minor criminal offenses can be expunged within a year. In case of three to five felonies of fourth or fifth degree, the time taken to expunge the records can be as long as five years. 

State/Federal criminal cases 

The reputed law firms in Orlando also have wide experience in representing people accused of state or federal crimes. Crimes in Florida can either be heard in State Courts or in Federal Courts as per the nature of the crime. An experienced defense attorney is essential for anyone accused of state or federal crime in Florida. 

State crimes are investigated by the local law enforcement agencies and the trials are held in State courts. The attorney represents the accused in the state court and strives to nullify the charges brought by the state against the accused. The various crimes that are prosecuted by the state are white collar crimes, driving under influence, frauds, violent crimes, prescription drug abuse, illegal drug crimes, sex crimes, thefts, juvenile crimes and domestic violence. 

Federal crimes are criminal offenses as per US Constitution and federal legislations. Investigations of federal crimes are done by Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Secret Service, Drug Enforcement Administration and Customs Enforcement Department. The Federal Government prosecutes the accused in case of federal crimes. The defense attorney defends the accused against the investigators, experts and consultants that the federal government deploys to prove the case. Tax evasions, white collar crimes, immigration offenses, wire fraud, etc. comes under the purview of federal crimes. The aim of the defense attorney is to get the federal charges dismissed or reduced.

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