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Car accidents can lead to serious injuries and death. There are a number of causes of car accidents but negligent driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. In Austin and other parts of Texas, the cases of car accidents due to the negligence of drivers is quite high. Any person who has suffered injuries due to car accident caused due to the negligence of some other driver can contact Austin car wreck attorney to claim damages for the injury. The experienced legal firms in Austin strive to win adequate compensation for their clients injured due to the negligent driving of others. 

What is the process? 

The person injured in a car accident due to the negligence of the other driver can claim compensation if he/she does not share more than 50% of the fault of the accident. The Austin car wreck attorney first contacts the insurance company of the errant driver to seek compensation for the injuries caused to the client. The description of the accident and the medical records of the client are provided to the insurance company. The calculations made to arrive at the compensation amount are also made available to the insurance company. In case, the insurance company does not agree to a reasonable amount, the lawyer proceeds to file a case in the court. 

The attorney is entrusted with proving the liability of the accused driver in causing the accident which resulted in injuries to the client. To this end, police reports and witness statements are collected by the attorney. Accident re-constructionists are also employed to prove the liability of the accused driver. Medical records of the client are also produced to prove the extent of the severity of the injuries caused by the accident. 

The court awards compensation based on the severity of the accident and the degree of the liability of the errant driver. The attorney pushes for the maximum compensation possible in accordance with the circumstances of the accident. The attorney deals with the insurance company, medical professionals and other parties on behalf of the client. 

Types of car accident cases 

  • Distracted driving car accident case is when the car accident is caused by a distracted driver. In Texas, a driver using his phone for calling, clicking photos, tweeting or posting on Facebook while driving is violating the law. The accident caused due to this distraction of the driver falls under the distracted driving case. 
  • The person who has suffered injuries due to the accident caused by a distracted driver is eligible to claim damages. The Austin car wreck attorney negotiates with the insurance company of the driver to obtain fair compensation. If there is no settlement, the attorney files a case. Phone records and social media activity of the driver along with police records and other evidence is produced in court to prove the liability of the driver. 
  • Rear end collision case in which the victim’s car is hit from behind by another car. This can happen at the red light when the victim’s car is stationary or when the driver of the other car rams into the rear end of the victim’s car when both are in motion. In any case, the errant driver can be held accountable for injuries. The attorney obtains adequate compensation for the victim either through a settlement with the insurance company or lawsuit.

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