3 Tips When Buying Used Car Rims

Not all Mercedes Benz owners have the luxury to purchase replacement car parts brand new. Although used rims for a Mercedes Benz is looked down on by many car collectors any collector or car owner worth their salt knows that used car parts can be just as good and reliable as the new ones. The problem, however, is finding these high-quality used car rims.

Those who don’t know anything about the used car parts business are more likely to fall for the simplest of scams. Don’t take that risk, here are some tips to keep close when searching and buying used Mercedes Benz car rims and other parts:

Tip 1: Measuring The Wheels

It is best to take the extra time to measure your current set of wheels so that you know what you are looking for when shopping for a replacement. Measure both the width and the diameter so you can be very specific. However, take note that just because the used wheels and rims are an inch larger than your current ones doesn’t mean they will not fit.

This simply means that you need to do a little more research to ensure the extra inch will fit your car without rubbing against it. If there is no room for that extra inch, keep looking. Wheels that are too large will cause significant damage to the car that can lead to safety issues in the near future.

Tip 2: Lug Nut Number And Bolt Patterns

Pay very close attention to the bolt patterns and number of lug nuts that come with current wheels. The used rims for a Mercedes Benz might be the perfect size but the bolt pattern could be incompatible. This is a very common rookie mistake that often leads to lost money and a lot of frustration.

Each pattern and number of lug nuts on the wheels are different depending on the make and model of the car wheels, but it is very common for car manufacturers to use the same pattern for vehicles from the whole fleet. Dig a little deeper on the current make and model of your Mercedes Benz to know the options worth exploring.

Tip 3: Onsight Inspection

If it is possible for you to check the rims and wheels in person, do not miss this opportunity. During the inspection, you can test for the straightness of the wheel by rolling it on a flat surface. If the wheels roll straight then they are perfectly fine, but if they do not this means that there is a slight imperfection that can be invisible to the naked eye.

It is very important to ensure that the wheels are straight as any small problem can cause an accident once you reach speeds over 65 mph. So don’t forget to perform this test before installing the wheels.

Online Shopping For Used Car Rims

Those who are looking to buy used car rims online can be taking some risk, but as long as you have all the necessary information such as the make, model, manufacturing year, wheel size, and bolt pattern finding the correct replacement wheels won’t be too difficult. Lastly, only purchase from a trusted website and avoid online ads just to be on the safe side.

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